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Thank you for contacting this office. In a class action lawsuit the court's approval is required. At this time, the court's approval is awaited. However, pending court approval, you are welcome to send the information regarding your organization for consideration. We will forward the same for consideration of concerned entities.
If your organization meets the criteria, please email the information regarding your organization at Forwarding email is more efficient due to time constraints.
Please do not mail information.
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Harish Bharti
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Criteria for Receiving Funds from McDonald's Proposed Settlement Cy Pres Fund

The Settlement Amount shall consist of $10 million, to be placed in a cy pres fund for distribution to charitable and/or other tax-exempt organizations to be mutually agreed upon by the Parties on or before the Effective Date. Such funds shall be divided, to the extent practicable, as follows: 60 percent to vegetarian organizations; 20 percent to Hindu and/or Sikh organizations; 10 percent to children’s nutrition and/or children’s hunger relief organizations; and 10 percent to organizations promoting the understanding of Jewish law, standards and practices with respect to Kosher foods and dietary practices, and the observance of such standards by persons of the Jewish religion. Where appropriate and practicable, donations to organizations shall be designated for use to benefit educational programs and children’s programs. The Parties agree that the following principles govern the selection of organizations to share in the cy pres fund:

(a) The organizations’ nonprofit status;

(b) The organizations’ dedication to the values of Hindu, Sikh and other beef-less dietary rules, vegetarianism, Kosher dietary rules, and the purposes set forth above (as applicable to the category of the organization);

(c) The organizations’ exclusive or majority concentration of services in the United States;

(d) The organizations’ geographical reach within the United States; and

(e) The organizations’ willingness to use the donation for the stated purpose (e.g., children, education, vegetarianism and/or nutrition).