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Momah Also Facing Fraud Charges

February 6, 2006
By Tracy Vedder

Video : KOMO 4 NEWS
Momah allegedly charged patients and insurance companies multiple times for the same procedures.
Momah Also Facing Fraud Charges


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SEATTLE - We haven't talked about it much, but convicted rapist Charles Momah also faces criminal fraud charges. Momah was a Federal Way gynecologist convicted of raping and molesting some of his patients during exams.

Momah is also charged with three counts of insurance fraud. Two victims in that case spoke exclusively with KOMO 4 News. They tell us they sometimes feel like the forgotten victims in the Momah case. But they add that his sentence of 20 years for rape is a victory for them as well.

"I was in a new marriage and I wanted to share a child with my new husband," says Cherie Rule. She and her husband Jason wanted nothing more than to have a baby. For help, they turned to Dr. Charles Momah, visiting his Federal Way fertility clinic in 2003. He promised he could help them have a baby.

"He gave me a lot of hope," says Cherie, "and then he just took it all away."

Cherie says Momah performed two surgeries on her, and then required her to come in at least one to two times a week once she got pregnant. She says he operated a third time when the pregnancy was in trouble.

Now Cherie says she can't ever have children. "Now my body's too, it's too damaged to do anything." She said while wiping away tears, "You know I'm never going to be able to give him a child."

Her husband Jason, also in tears: "That's the worst thing ever as a spouse to see her pain and not be able to do anything about it."

The Rules filed a civil malpractice suit against Momah, but they and two others are also victims in a criminal fraud case.

Momah allegedly collected thousands of dollars fraudulently, charging patients and insurance companies multiple times for the same procedures. That case goes to trial in April.

The Rules sat in court during today's sentencing listening to the victims in the rape case. "You can hear one person talk," says Cherie, "and then you feel everything that you went through again."

The Rules do feel some sense of vindication at the 20-year sentence, but say what Momah did to them will last forever. "We're never going to be whole again." says Jason. "He's shattered our lives, the lives of the other women."

Prosecutors tell us they cannot discuss potential plea deals. But the couple believes King County is working on a deal with Momah to plead guilty to the fraud charges.

If so, the Rules say they'll be happy, as long as he admits what he did. Momah's attorney has not yet returned our calls asking about the fraud charges.

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