Introduction and Biography

Harish Bharti believes that justice delayed is justice denied and that speedy action is essential. Mr. Bharti is noted for filing 43 lawsuits against convicted serial rapist Dr. Charles Momah to protect his clients within a record number of days. Mr. Bharti is a trial lawyer who has tried many high profile cases. He has also taught trial techniques to lawyers at Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer's College. Mr. Bharti is representing several Afro American engineers in their discrimination class-action lawsuit against the Boeing Company. He also prosecuted a discrimination class-action lawsuit against the Boeing Company on behalf of several thousand Asian American professional engineers earlier, which is under appeal. Mr. Bharti successfully prosecuted and settled for $12 million a class action lawsuit against McDonald's on behalf of vegetarians and Hindus. McDonald's also issued a public apology for false advertising as well as a disclosure of their ingredients list. Mr. Bharti has also successfully settled class action cases involving Jenny Craig, Diamond Parking, Drico Recovery Services, and Ticket Track, Inc.

Mr. Bharti was initially admitted to practice law in 1982. He started his practice of Law in the State of Washington in 1994.

He lived and studied with several noted swamis and holy men in India for seven years, including His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, Swami R. Vaidyanathan (Nuclear Scientist turned Swami) and aspires someday to become a swami himself.

The cases which give him the greatest satisfaction are those he accepts close to trial, already rejected by other attorneys, giving people, who are turned down by the usual sources of legal help, their day in court. He prefers to represent injured plaintiffs who ordinarily would have gone unrepresented.

He began his private practice representing battered women, conducting self-defense murder trials, and pursuing sexual harassment cases. On behalf of injured seamen, he prosecuted Jones-Act litigation. He was the defense attorney in the landmark case State v. Hendrickson, which developed the case law on Battered Woman Syndrome in support of self-defense. (His criminal defense work is now limited.) He is the former President of the Northwest Battered Women Legal Defense Coalition.

Mr. Bharti was nominated for the Jefferson Award in recognition for his tenacious and dedicated volunteer work as a child advocate.

He now focuses on employment discrimination, civil rights, first amendment rights, medical negligence, and class action litigation.

He filed the historic McDonald's class action lawsuit on behalf of 16 million vegetarian and Hindu consumers, resulting in a $12 million settlement, with a public apology from McDonald's for false advertising. Mr. Bharti has successfully solved several consumer cases against other mega corporations.

Other class actions he has resolved or which are pending include, among others, lawsuits against collection agencies. A class action lawsuit against Diamond Parking and Drico Recovery Services was settled, requiring refund of 100% of collection and search fees of $2.1 million benefitting nearly 54,000 Washington consumers. He is also prosecuting several other consumer class action cases, including litigation against Bayer Corporation for personal injuries related to the now-recalled Baycol drug. Recently Mr. Bharti has filed more than 40 cases against obstetrician Dr. Charles Momah involving rape, sexual misconduct, and medical negligence.

A federal judge has certified his class action discrimination lawsuit against the Boeing Corporation, on behalf of several thousand Asian-American professional engineers and Afro American engineers. Also, on behalf of 140,000 Washington consumers, a federal judge has ruled that the collection practices of Ticket Track, Inc. are illegal.


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